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About Us

Health & Fashion Meet Optical Excellence.

Our Experience

Our Experience

Vainer Optical in an independent non-chain practice established in 1991 by Igor Vainer. The practice quickly built up a reputation for excellence in eye care and continues to be a leader in its field.

Our Aim

Our aim is to provide you with the most accurate and comfortable glasses in accordance with fashion and professional advise on appropriate lens design and materials.

Your Advantage

The right pair of eyewear can really define yourself, revealing an element of your personality that sends an unspoken message to everyone around you. Not only is the frame selection important, lens design and materials are critical. Our trained staff will make the necessary recommendations in appropriate lens type, to maximise your visual performance and complement the frame cosmetically.

  • Illusions

    Exclusive to Vainer Optical
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  • Sapporo

  • John Richmond

  • Gianofranco FERRE

  • Tom Ford

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From funky to conservative, bright to understated, top end to budget.

  • Sunglasses

    Shades for your lifestyle! Vainer Optical recommends protecting your eyes from the sun this summer. Why not look stylish in a new pair of designer sunglasses, with or without your prescription. Vainer Optical have an extensive range of styles and brands, colours and shapes.

    • Types of sunglasses
    • Sunglass Coatings
  • Contacts

    Vainer Optical has a range of contact lenses to suit your purpose and your eyes. Whether they are prescription lenses or lenses to enhance the colour of your eyes, Vainer Optical is your first choice for eye care. We will assist you with either rigid or soft lens, and we will show you how to care for your lenses.

    • Comfort
    • Optical Clarity
  • Prescriptions

    Vainer Optical has a reputation for excellence in the field of optometry. We are equipped with the experience to assess your vision, along with the most up-to-date equipement available. All of our equipment is on-site for your convenience. We assist you with the most suitable lenses for your eyes, along with an extensive range of frames to complement your face. We also do repairs and make make adjustment and alterations to existing glasses.

    • Corrective Lenses
    • Lens Types
    • Lens Coatings
    • Caring for your glasses
  • Illusions

    The illusions unique colour application makes the lens the focus of the glasses. The way the colour penetrates the lens keeps the eyewear totally clear yet a pulse of colour refracts from different directions. This new technique (based on optical refraction theory) is a revolutionary innovation in eyewear design. People wearing the eyewear are oblivious of the colour, yet people around them are puzzled by the electric pulse of colour piercing through. The colour can be changed at any time or a combination of different colours can be applied at any time (i.e footy colours, special occasions or just whenever you feel like a change).

    • Refracting the colour
    • Protects against scratches
    • Protection against reflections and smudges
    • Easy maintenance
    • Comfort of vision
    • Protection for the eyes
    • Reduction of visual fatigue
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